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Due to a lung condition diagnosed in 2018, I decided to take voice lessons. That led to a workshop with Hemi Rudner on Songwriting at the Rimon School of Music, which led to a course in music theory at BPM Music School in Tel Aviv and then piano lessons with various teachers. When I moved to Haifa, I started voice lessons with Inbal Goldblit, an accomplished jazz singer. With her encouragement, I started singing American jazz standards.


After a year of lessons, Inbal introduced me to Sharon Elazar, a musical doula for creative artists, who is working with me on songs that I’ve written to some Emily Dickinson poems. This process is an exciting journey and I am fortunate to be on this journey with Sharon and Inbal, who never heard of ED before we started in September 2022. With Emily’s words, my melodies, Sharon’s musical arrangements and Inbal’s advice, we make awesome music. Slowly, I will put the 10-12 poems here for your listening enjoyment, as we record the final versions.


Empowered by the results of our Emily work, I have also dared to put some of my own songs to music and those too will find a home here at


I believe in the healing power of Song and in the energizing power of Breath. I expect both to carry me into my eighties and nineties, singing.

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